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Happily Ever After - Story of My Life


I am so thrilled, so damn excited, so HAPPY today as I finally figured this totally awesome punk rock band from my very own hometown - Kuching!

For those yang non-sarawakian, korang jarang kan dengar acts from Kuching/ Sarawak. So it's my pleasure to present to ya'll this kuching-made band Happily Ever After!

Happily Ever After, is made of Anderian (vox & 2nd guitar), Ariza (lead guitar & vox), Fame (bassist & vox) and David (drummer). The name came taken from a book, katanya. Tapi mau dirahsiakan pula ya buku apa. Actually, band ni bukannnya baru lagi. They were existed since 06 (or earlier years). But they changed their name from State Revenue, then to Haven't Decides, then only came up with Happily Ever After, which suits their music genre. As they mentioned it "punk rock is a happy genre to play".

Influenced by Blink-182 (my favourite), Green Day, New Found Glory (my love!) and MXPX, I found that H.E.A is a very interesting band that has big potential to be put in the same class with other Malaysian succesful punkrock band such as Bunkface (assuming bunkface main punk rock..kan?kan?).

HEA nie kalau korang pegi tengok kat page myspace diorg hanya letak satu lagu sahaja, which entitled "Story of My Life". Actually, dioarang ada 4 lagu : I Hate Her, I'm The Unlucky Person, H.E.A Theme Song and Story of My Life. They don't have their EP released yet, but do expect it in May, June or end of the year.

Check out the song Story of My Life, which is written by Rian, mentioning that this is the story of his life, his expression of feelings. Where the song actually tells how a girl treated him like a doll. (owh pity cutie!)

HEA from my point of view?
Cute boys (definitely)
happily ever after
4 out of 5..(sebab aku cintai punk rock dan kuching dan mereka cute banget!)


read about HEA interview here:

do visit their myspace profile :

*all photos are from Happily Ever After myspace profile.

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