Giggers @ Paul Palace

To share this info I got (from myspace thingy) for all bands regardless to their music genre out there.

Check the myspace profile for further info. Go to http://www.myspace.com/microgear.

Slot Dibuka Utk GIg2 bulan May Di GIggers@ Pauls Place (Pauls Place Previously) KL!
(ader Map ker sane ni profile ni)
GIg utk Sabtu dan Juga Ahad.
GIg start pukul 1 atau 2 Tengah Hari..,
Bands dikendaki utk membawa 4 Lagu atau minima 3 Lagu,
Original kalau bole, tapi boleh jugak kalau cover lagu2 femes..
Check Dats Utk genre GIG
Kami mengutamakan Band2 yang tidak pernah Main GIg sebelum ni, Jika ader.
Kami tak pilih bulu, ker synthetic ker apa.
kami akan melayan setiap Comment dan Mails anda selagi ader tenaga,,hahaha

So Bands2 yang berminat.
Pls Bagi details Bands anda seperti:

Nama Band
Genre Band
Nama Band Leader atau contact
Nombor tepon
Lokasi Band

Flyers Gig akan Keluar selepas semua slot diisi utk GIG Masing2,
Ader terma2 dia,,,Tapi jangan risau,, bukan jenis yang mengarut,,haha,,
so apa lagi contact kami dengan segera!

02 May 09 - Mix GIg
03 May 09 - Mix Gig
09 May 09 - Mix Gig
10 May 09 - Mix Gig
16 May 09 - Mix Gig
17 May 09 - Core Gig
23 May 09 - Indie Pop-Rock Gig
24 May 09 - Metal Gig
30 May 09 - Mix Gig
31 May 09 - Mix Gig
07 June 09 - Mix Gig
14 June 09 - Mix Gig

Pilih One or more dates before replying mail ker comment okie,..

Mika0162650379 (Tidak akan melayan SMS)

p/s: hope this info useful for some of you out there. take good care!


Asthmara, Eza.Sulyzza in love

Love, asthmara. No other words. Flowing around my atmosphere. Myo (Oh Chentaku) is one hell of a singer, a rockstar, songwriter, an icon perhaps. The one guy that captures my heart and mind. Let the song Asthmara takes you in, the way it does to me; constantly; each and everynite before I go to sleep.

myo, oh chentaku

Empty heart, rolling roller coaster ride, this is how i wreck myself inside,
I am tired of being myself, I am tired of being someone else, and i am tired of being here,
Shake the bottle, twist the cap, smash it hard, to the ground, hit the mud and cut your ears,
See how it turns in a different way, none alike you thought it should be

And we swim to the shore, days come and go,
I'll love you, you will love me, that's all that we need, f*** off everything,
We believe in jealousy, I can live but I wish I could die,
Not yet

First, I said I've got nothing to live for, she said, "No."
But then, i asked her what that I've got to live for, she said, "No, you're wrong."

I am running backward hoping for somebody to catch me before I fall down, before i drown

I'm coming home tonight, we will let go everything, just to see how it turns better tomorrow,
See I wonder how it could be anything stupid or harder than this


Edible Guys and Juicy Covers (part II)

count your blessings - (self titled)

select start - <3

the response - with friends like you who need enemies

all time low - weightless