Selamat Hari Isnin

Wow, let us all praise Monday the 20th of April! Thank God it's about 10 more days to May, and about 7-8 more days to my next payday!. "Dear God if you hear me, my bank account balance is almost zero,so please make days go by fast, I mean very very fast!" Money issues man, really got me miserable and oh-ah-eh(tunggang langgang).

And for this very, very lovely Monday (I know the fact that some ppl juz hate Monday, I do too, sometimes), come and join me singing this catchy tune from Bittersweet - Its Monday.

bittersweet @ xfresh xgig ipoh (08). frm their myspace photo album.
canggih sidak tok eh!

Bittersweet - It's Monday

Owh ya. Hows everyone weekend? Mine was awesome. Me and Zudin and his 2 lovely colleagues went to see OAG Unplugged @ Istana Budaya. Though at first we were kind of set off by performances from Dance To The Radio and Aubum. Not to say they're bad. But it was not up to what we expected. But Radhi was totally worth the bucks and the wait. Hehe. And I was singing along from the first till the very end. They played 60's TV, Knocked Silly, Akustatik, Permysuri, (and many more) alongside 3 Aswara kids who play weird stuff . My fav was when they sing Oasis - Dont Look Back In Anger. Unexpected.Awesome!

Bittersweet - It's Monday lyric:

I’m awake until dawn
Coz last night was a hell of tiring day
I wonder how it’ll become
But then I realized it is Monday
To start a brand new day
And I’m just lucky to start it with you

My neighbour’s got a new car
But it’s just the same as she drove yesterday
And I ask her “can you take me to the bar?”
She said this with a smile upon her face
Coz this is a brand new day
And you’re just lucky coz
I’m in the mood
Oh oh yeah

Yeah you gotta look it again
All the love is around you
Oh oh yeah
Yeah you gotta look it again
All the love is around you
Oh oh yeah



amir acap said...

gmpak gle r diorg...
pergh bez gle ah..

eza.sulyzza said...

best kan kan??

i likee~