Yaaaaawwnnnn...it's 6.51 pm now and i'm still freaking bored. (nguantuk buanget ane..) suddenly i realized that i haven't post any entry yet. plus, sulyzza keeps FORCING me to do so (buset nih anak..ga ngerti dia ane nih anak kuliahan..sibuk buanget donk! LOLs). well. here's my first entry. i present to you...L.o.R.S.A.
L.o.R.S.A (Love Rocket Surf Armada) is a 3-piece band from Sri Gombak. L.o.R.S.A started way back in 2004 playing grunge, then british invasion blues, then experimental rock (tumben! macem-macem!)...now they have made their mind to play SURF MUSIC....(hamdulillah..at last..fuuuh.)

Behind The Scene

Somewhere deep in the Malaysian cleared jungle....

The band was accidently formed by Abdullah Banahsan Assegaf (my cuz..publisiti picisan..LOLs..any publicity is good publicity) and Nan (bukan roti naan ya LOLs).

Followed by Wahid as sessionist drummer and both Manai and Hakimi as roadies/khadams in their early years

Abdullah Banahsan Assegaf

Abdullah was a guitarist in a one act wonder grunge band way back then with the Gombak Grunge Community.
Nan was in an unknown surf punk band in 1998 called
Mambang Laut and he is also the co-editor for T.S.A.B Zine.


Wahid was one of Nan's ex-skoolmates way back in 1994.They used to skip school together and tease school chicks in the hostel where wahid's mom work there as a warden. Wahid's family live next to the hostels. (waduuuh too much info nya...)

Manai and Hakimi are Abdullah's friends since they were kids.They live nearby each other and share their passion in music since Kurt Cobain shot a bullet in his head. They were into grunge stuff.

The band tried different genres from grunge to indie stuff and still suck at it. (LOLs canda aja koq :P)


Abdullah as their vocalist and lead guitarist really can't sing and can't do much on guitar solos.(LOLs...afwan bib..afwan.. :D) his guitar solos always changed every time they're in sessions. You can experience the "jorok-ness" of Abdullah in their old song "paradigma". (check out their songs on their myspace page)

First recording was in 2007 under the name PASCAROMAN (dukhon music label - owned by Abdullah).

from left : Hakimi, Abdullah, Nan

After releasing their first demo, Wahid left the band to work under his uncle (as a doctor, scientist, drug-dealer..wallahualam :P) in Perth, Australia. Then, Abdullah left the band for 1 1/2 years because of lack of ideas (LOLs...kenapa nih bib dolah? banyak dosa kali..) and during that period, he was currently in Jakarta seeking "ilmu" from the habaibs and meeting his beloved Yasmin Maidina Alaydarus in East Java...(ra'syeh...arab beneran nih..meskipun muka nya kayak baudeh! LOLs).

Abdullah rejoined with his bandmates in 2008.

Finally, Nan came up with an idea to play simple instrumental surf like he did with his old band. Other members agreed and continue to work on their stuff 24/7, 365 days til now (waduh..koq bisa sih..tiap hari rock 'n roll) . Now their sound is a mix of horror, dessert, western, espionage & experimental surf music. (ajib...)

the guilty party:
Abdullah Banahsan Assegaf - lead guitar
Nan - Bass
Hakimi - Drums



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